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Auto & Work Injury Treatment @ Dr. Demerer

Whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, an auto injury can happen at anytime to anybody. On the other hand, work injuries may occur due to your hectic work schedule, improper posture and the physical demands of your job. Nevertheless, both situations are painful, and immediate consultation with a chiropractor can help.

Solution for Injury Pain

Find the best chiropractic treatment to reduce the pain you have in your neck, back or head. If you have survived an accident or had an injury at work consult with a chiropractor. Your health is 1000x valuable than your car.

Dr. Demerer has been practicing in Skokie since 1991. His thorough examination of the situation and personalized suggestions help his patients go back to their regular life as soon as possible.

Quality Care Beyond Expectation

Chiropractic care is a gentle approach to improve body posture, as well as nerve communication, providing relief from wrist and shoulder pain, neck, back, arm and leg pain.

Dr. Demerer's office provides the following services: spinal manipulation, massage therapy and physical activities to help patients who suffer from acute pain caused by motor vehicle accidents and work injuries.

Why Dr. Demerer is Best for You

Dr. Demerer and his entire team are dedicated to offering quality care in order to give their patients relief from their pain.

One of the biggest benefits of Dr. Demerer’s clinic is that they not only treat the patients, but they educate their patients after a car accident or work injury.

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